Some thoughts about Banksy

***(link to Banksy’s instagram…for reference only)

Banksy, *his/her/their work in Sotheby’s so much shocking the world, everybody is talking about that, every media, social network….appearing in everywhere, that reminds me one of the many invaluable concepts learnt in London….”to put yourself into a debate…” that’s from my course director, Maiko, who was giving tutorial to my project…

at that moment when I was listening to Maiko…I tried to digest what she said…but Banksy’s shredder performs it successfully….no matter *he/she/they really want to destroy the work…or that is just a trick that upvaluing the work…the performance is succeed…and…on Banksy’s  instagram, quoting the Picasso’s “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge”….OMG….I mean here….OMG is not only on how smart he/she/they are….but also …that “creating a dialogue with famous/ fine artist”…which was also told by Maiko…in my very first tutorial when I showing her research of Andy Warhol’s prints ( endangered species)

these two quotes or moments in the tutorial inspired me much on “what is art? what is design?”, which is a question I keep thinking before going to UK study.

and I remember once I read Banksy’s book in London, with his quote… ‘The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it”…once again….not only his spray art doing that well…this shredder just destroying the work in a few seconds…but people keep watching the work, the video clip, the comments…keep looping…

Image result for The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it

I just really thank how he reminded me … no matter on my visual art study or life in London…

and I watched the youtube link* about him…although it finally introduced another artist MBW, those stuff recalling my mind again…not to quit not to quit…even my life in HK now is so damn messy so hard on freelance…so much challenges in teaching life…keep searching Banksy’s work recently…and I saw:

“If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.”


“Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.”

Image result for If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit         Image result for Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit.

***(images just download from the internet, not sure if those are works of Banksy, just for myself reference.)

Banksy is not yet my favourite artist but I feel thankful to how he/she/they delivered those messages, they encourage me 🙂

* for using he/she/they>>>yeah I still wondering if Banksy is someone or a secret group from UK government, who sending out positive messages…at the same time encouraging new artists, new artworks, new art markets, etc.)

just keeping ref, video of MBW, with Banksy documentary:



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Impressive exhibition in Centre Pompidou

I am lucky to be in Paris as Pompidou is show the artist – David Hockney. The exhibition clearly shown the various works of him, while his works are easily to be defined the time line.

Starting from the printing when he arrive New York, the works show how an artist facing problems like pricing of works, money for life, etc. those context reflecting the life of beginning art/ design life.

as no photo is allowed in the show, here are some I searched in google.

the painting of men’s body & all painting about swimming pool, showing his ability of painting and precise color use for reflection/ transparent texture. Those are impressive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.17.44 PM.png

some paintings also show how he make use of new medium, like adding acrylic board on painting, (this one I need to search or photos from souvenir book)


The section of two portraits, those paintings are very good examples for composition balancing, I am sure will share them to students:


yea the timeline with different style shows Hockney willing to change or using new medium for creating. here’s the serious “joiners” which is collage of photos. in 1980s, impressive and breath taking when i saw it.


the scrabble game that one seems not filling whole canvas but the duplicate faces are showing people with quick changing face expression. and the 1-person view inviting us to join the game.

later on the section of collage of landscape paintings, which Hockney drawing huge paintings with limited space….that inspiring me, for making my installation or painting or …sculpture anyway. the biggest one seems like 5m x 10m (will photo from book)


with final section of Hockney’s video taking , still like his collage landscape drawing, with 4 seasons. shocked me as the artist really keep changing medium but still keeping some of his style.


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Restarting my journey

it’s been a long time I haven’t record my art or practice here. After back to Hong Kong, I took more time for job hunting and living issue.  There has been over a year, I joined “Hyphen” showed art piece with london mates, I started teaching career, I try to cooperate with organization like greenpeace. Today I am in Paris due to a work of 2 weeks.

The Paris culture and the art atmosphere here all reminding me to restart, reframe, refresh, reshape, rethink myself. I know I have to start my art again even the live in HK in tough and full of distraction.

The green piece project giving me a reflection that I should not cooperate with organization at the moment since my works still not on a smooth way, I should not change or try to please anyone and making my art like some commercial piece…or just for a event props. I should do something I really want to or expressing idea without any limitation. (time, target, function, etc.). However, the thing I created also giving me inspiration on the next move, which is good.

For teaching life in Hong Kong, at the moment I am teaching visual merchandising. The reason why I chose to teach in tertiary education is the standard higher which I feel improving myself as well. To keep improving myself, getting design project, doing art project, sharing to the students, all are parallel developing.

here’s some watercolor paintings I did in Paris,

more on instagram:

I still exploring a style which using one color for bright reflection while another for the shadow. Drawing everywhere giving me challenge and motivation no matter for animal art or self thought.

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Collaboration with Greenpeace HK

Recently I got a collaboration with Greenpeace, they are having a campaign against micro-beads product and overuse of plastic bag. The micro-beads product and plastic bag collected will be transformed into artpiece shown on the date of the event.

最近與綠色和平合作, 他們在籌辦有關反對微塑膠產品及濫用膠袋的活動。  收集微塑膠產品及膠袋, 並轉化為藝術品, 在活動當日給大眾宜揚訊息。

The main problem of the micro-beads is that they are actually plastic, and too small to be filtered so that will be directly flushed into the ocean. Animals like fish and turtle could not define them and easily intake into the body. When the micro-beads enter their digestive system, they will block the system or, it will be digested into toxic substance. The effect is not only about animals but also the food chain and a becoming global issue.

微塑膠的主要問題,是它們細小得不能過濾, 直接排出大海後, 海洋生物如魚類海龜不能分辯而錯誤進食,微塑膠會阻塞牠們的消化系統, 或被消化後是有毒物質 。影響的不單是動物的生命, 而是整個食物鏈, 也成為了全球要面對的問題。

So what products contain the micro-beads? They usually written in the ingredients part, you might find it in toothpaste or facial scrub products. They are:Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polymethyl Methacrylate and Nylon- “with numbers”. Either one of them inside the product, is containing micro-beads.

有什麼產品含有微塑膠呢?通常是牙膏或磨砂潔面產品,可在成份一欄查到, 分別為:Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polymethyl Methacrylate and Nylon- “後加數字“; 產品有任何一種,已是含有微塑膠。

we would like people to stop using the micro-beads item immediately, if you like to help saving the ocean and animal, please stop purchasing and pass the rest of them to me, to contribute the campaign 🙂

我們希望大家立即停用微塑膠產品, 若大家立即停用,歡迎將產品交給我以示支持活動。:)

More about micro-beads pollution 更多微塑膠污染資訊:

  1. article and video clip by WPTV November 2015
  2. video clip by DNEWS September 2015
  3. video clip by Social Connected April 2015
  4. video clip by Samuel Boyce January 2016

photo showing the ingredients of micro-beads 這些便是微塑膠:


email contact:

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Unpack show 2016 by Hyphen

After the “thank you london” by the Hyphen Project 2016, I am exhibiting another work in Hong Kong. This is the 4th unpack show by The Hyphen, it’s my pleasure to join and getting know to the fresh graduate from London as well.

This year the unpack show exhibiting ten designers and artists, with various professionals like interior design, architecture, fashion, set design…etc…and including my work, which is an installation. I am showing the work “Melt Away” which was came from my lipstick collecting campaign; I collecting wasted lipsticks and spreading the message of palm oil over used, causing the deforestation problem. This is a side project from my graduation project. I am happy to display and showing  my friends, donors the work, at the same time, keep delivering the message in Hong Kong.

As I also wanna see the response from Hong Kong, where the culture and mindset is totally different from Europe. It seems the result is positive and audiences like my concept as well. And I am sure I will continue the similar topic.

video of private view:

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Painting showing in a restaurant

The paintings that I created in Holland are now showing in a restaurant located in south London.edittedA.jpg

welcome to visit them~

address: 164 Addington Road South Croydon CR2 8LB

Restaurant Name: Yaalu Yalu


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New Painting Series in Holland (2) Completed.

For the painting selling in my friend’s restaurant, finally completed with the 3rd series, crab. by enlarging the perspective view…I try to make it more dynamic~

P1180674 P1180671 P1180673 P1180672

“I create the current 1 & 2” on A5 140lb paper,

and yea, tomorrow I am leaving Netherlands heading to Belgium. Finally I finish the 3 series that I planned to do. In Netherlands….where Van Gogh born. Inspired by his 3 painting object – sunflowers, crabs and kingfisher. with my limited skill and materials when traveling. 🙂

P1180676 P1180678

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