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Collecting used or unwanted lipstick for sculpture/ 收集二手或不用的唇膏製作雕塑之用

cover for lip collect

As I am posting request for second hand, unwanted lipstick, for upcycling sculpture project. Here I try to illustrate my concept. The main purpose is to raise awareness of endangered animals. There is a deforestation problem due to the large amount use of palm oil, for manufacturing daily product such as lipstick, shampoo, chocolate, etc. Thus, the animals are lack of living habitat and prey for food.

由於我在多個社交群組徵求已用或不用的唇膏,作為升級再造雕塑之用。在此我描述一下概念。主要是借我的雕塑增加大家對瀕臨絕種動物的關注;由於大量使用棕櫚油生產日常用品如唇膏,洗頭水及朱古力等,以致森林過份被開伐. 因此動物漸漸失去生態居住及獵物。

Endangered Animals suffering from the problem/ : Sumatran Tiger/ Sumatran Elephant/ Sumatran Rhino/ Sumatran Orangutan


I try to cast my sculpture by mixing my own lip balm/ lipstick without palm oil. On the other hand, I am thinking to cast with second hand, or unwanted lipstick; the project itself involves upcycling and, at the same time through the collecting process, to let my friends know such problem. Thus, no matter the lipstick they donated are made with or without palm oil, they started to know it more, and I am working on a upcycling project as well.


Link for more info/ 更多資訊:




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Unit 1 Assessment

Today setting up the assessment, to show the whole process that we did from Sep2013 until now. Space are limited, hopefully the showing are clear and easy to understand~

P1050042 P1050040 P1050038 P1050036

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