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How the print in the students’ eyes

by searching Andy Warhol’s print, found a little workshop which is children tracing the print…is funny to see how children see the adult’s work. maybe useful for my work someday. Thus, I keep it as ref.




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Concepts sketch

After one night, I come up with the concept:


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Recently I am summarizing the work I did for the unit 1, would like to come up with a better idea for the new art work, which is also the the July interim show. I would like to make use of the research and data, input to the art work, to make it more story telling, data supportive, and meaningful.

At the very beginning, Maiko suggested me to make,┬ádesign or create something related to Andy Warhol’s prints in 1983:Image


she said this is good for the work with dialogue with some master’s piece….at that moment, I don’t really understand…..or I know what is that but have no clue to develop…..so the idea seems fading out, until…..

Transformers Movie 4 is coming in late June, I love it very much from the very early animation stage. This time Michael Bay bring audience a surprise by adding the original design to the movie:


by watching those trailers and design, I realize how a dialogue attracting audiences.Therefore, I am now also thinking of how I apply it to my work. I would like to compare the animal amount from 1983 (Andy Warhol’s print) to 2014 (my work)….so that to make something telling audiences how the minimized of the endangered animals. Or, maybe some animals of the prints are extinct…!? to research the data of animals are necessary, and afterwards, would be how it connect to my works:


here’s the ten animals from Andy Warhol’s work:











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