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Unpack show 2016 by Hyphen

After the “thank you london” by the Hyphen Project 2016, I am exhibiting another work in Hong Kong. This is the 4th unpack show by The Hyphen, it’s my pleasure to join and getting know to the fresh graduate from London as well.

This year the unpack show exhibiting ten designers and artists, with various professionals like interior design, architecture, fashion, set design…etc…and including my work, which is an installation. I am showing the work “Melt Away” which was came from my lipstick collecting campaign; I collecting wasted lipsticks and spreading the message of palm oil over used, causing the deforestation problem. This is a side project from my graduation project. I am happy to display and showing  my friends, donors the work, at the same time, keep delivering the message in Hong Kong.

As I also wanna see the response from Hong Kong, where the culture and mindset is totally different from Europe. It seems the result is positive and audiences like my concept as well. And I am sure I will continue the similar topic.

video of private view:


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Painting showing in a restaurant

The paintings that I created in Holland are now showing in a restaurant located in south London.edittedA.jpg

welcome to visit them~

address: 164 Addington Road South Croydon CR2 8LB

Restaurant Name: Yaalu Yalu


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New Painting Series in Holland (2) Completed.

For the painting selling in my friend’s restaurant, finally completed with the 3rd series, crab. by enlarging the perspective view…I try to make it more dynamic~

P1180674 P1180671 P1180673 P1180672

“I create the current 1 & 2” on A5 140lb paper,

and yea, tomorrow I am leaving Netherlands heading to Belgium. Finally I finish the 3 series that I planned to do. In Netherlands….where Van Gogh born. Inspired by his 3 painting object – sunflowers, crabs and kingfisher. with my limited skill and materials when traveling. 🙂

P1180676 P1180678

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New Painting Series in Holland (1)


After the Scotland trip. I took coach and arrived Amsterdam, is a very nice city with well arranged cycling path. However, maybe due to the unfamiliar or more busy city. I have not draw much…until I went to the Van Gogh Museum, saw the invaluable collection and the exhibition with Munch comparison with Van Gogh. I got much impressed by them. Meanwhile, a friend of mine having a new restaurant in London, he wanted to decorate with my painting. I was thinking, I like Van Gogh’s painting so much, and I am now in Netherland, why not paint a series that inspired from Van Gogh’s painting? I chose several objects like Sunflowers (which is an iconic painting of Van Gogh) and Kingfisher (I don’t know this painting until I enter the museum, and kingfisher is a beautiful bird that I known when I was small). I observe and googled and keep searching for photo. And adding some story into the painting so that related to restaurant – eating. Completed the 1st series “Kingfisher hunts”, is 3 postcard-size painting. First one showing kingfisher on branches waiting for something, watching the lake. Secondly the moment it dive into the water, like a rocket, and finally the scene that it comes out with the fish hunted. Here I also some of my practice piece:

This one is so greedy that I want to put so many elements into a small pictures with my limited watercolor skill. elements included – underwater, fisheye, distortion, windmill on the ground) so the outcome and composition is not good.

P1180408 P1180410 P1180412 P1180417

After this failure, I keep searching photo and practice, some of them as follows:

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 19.18.58 P1180451 P1180431 P1180428

And the other series is the sunflower, how to link it with eating? I added bee into it. and there are two pieces. the “Feast” and “Take Away”. I wanna bring audiences into the sunflowers garden, feel as a bee feel…and a perspective that they going back quickly after the mission. They are on 300g paper, 200 x 200mm each.

P1180487 P1180490 P1180492 P1180498 P1180502 P1180509 P1180512

a corner in my hostel that I was working.


and I am keep deciding the third series with “crab”. Will complete it before leaving holland.

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Art related to animal extinction

As I am writing my research proposal, so that I need to back to research on any art related to animal extinction. Found this flash page is quite useful, it have a geometric 2D form of the animals, and when we click in, got more information.


another editorial in 2011 showing 3 Turkish artists doing similar thing. For me, the presentation method is somehow like the beginning of my MA project development, of course they present in a fine finishing way, stil, I think there should be more concise in the reason of animal extinction. here….melting or disappearing just like the branded ideas in my project development.

eqwf wdwfwqfqw

and this article inspire me….different way for helping wildlife conservation…I think somehow the proposal could be develop through the points it written

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Today met a fashion student in library, she applying animal/ wildlife structure into fashion design. The term for those structure called Biomimicry. Not only learnt a new term but also inspiring to my sculpture development. As biomimicry applied on many products, design, etc. like….during my sculpture development and tutorial, sometimes I was being asked “why making animals form….shapes….why not other….” Well, for me I just felt very directly, using the iconic animals’ form to represent the wildlife, or deliver such message. but yea…after I search a bit for the biomimicry images, found that actually the scientific or random shape from wildlife could also be part of my sculpture, neither the animals form nor abstract development. The biomimicry itself attracting eye balls in another way…with specific order, specific function and specific shape.

egrg biii ooo

and again….happy to meet artist working on project related to animals/ wildlife.

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New York’s Empire State X endangered animals

Very happy to see New York have such performance to raise awareness for endangered animals. Since during my research I found US is not as aware as UK….for the palm oil issue.

However, maybe the death of Cecil (paid and killed by the dentist)….people are getting more and more aware the animals killing problems.

lion otheraaaa

and recently…..I am thinking the animals art is really a very good and potential topic to develop with, e.g. animals right, endangered animals (black market/ palm oil/ global warming…), wildlife conservation, or even the beauty of animals form….or human x animals relationship…would like to further develop any of them.

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