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Bald Eagle minimized model

Completed the eagle model, actually thinking if I should add the wings/ a wing?! So far it is close to what Andy Warhol’s prints…I mean the post and the parts selected. Now is a challenging part….how to merge it with the amount change of bald eagle (1983 to 2014)?! how to present it well?! like Shane mentioned about the location I showing, etc.

some facts of the bald eagles, seems they are increasing~





to show the contrast in between 1983 and 2014….I ‘ve got a new idea~ a transparent acrylic box is used to store my artwork, and Andy Warhol’s prints are printed on sticker, depending on how’s the animals reduced, e.g.siberian tigers reduced 1/3, the stickers will be (100%-33.3%=66.7%) semi-transparent. It mean that the audience will see my works clearly if the animals extinct…if the animals remain the population, audience would only see Andy’s work~



and I found that the bald eagle was removed from endangered animals list! it’s really cool~



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An impressive toy set for killing animals

this toy set inspire me much, about killing animals for home’s trophy, or for a carpet, what if they back to live?! I think somehow this funny set would bring me some idea, so keeping it here as ref.



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Laminating wood product development

The laminating wood is ready after a day, shape is nice but some problem with them. e.g. spacing between plywood; jak is not hard enough so that the shape is not perfectly fit to my thought.


for the animal’s head, I develop the blad eagle, zebra and the big horn ram ( which were appeared in andy warhol’s works). Actually the main method is using sanding machine, so there is limitation to the shape. Only eagle survive in this practice. Zebra was scarified. Another reason is the wood ( pine from canada), wood grain is nice but the wood is too soft for carving. Ram is On-going due to busy in interim show~



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