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Restarting my journey

it’s been a long time I haven’t record my art or practice here. After back to Hong Kong, I took more time for job hunting and living issue.  There has been over a year, I joined “Hyphen” showed art piece with london mates, I started teaching career, I try to cooperate with organization like greenpeace. Today I am in Paris due to a work of 2 weeks.

The Paris culture and the art atmosphere here all reminding me to restart, reframe, refresh, reshape, rethink myself. I know I have to start my art again even the live in HK in tough and full of distraction.

The green piece project giving me a reflection that I should not cooperate with organization at the moment since my works still not on a smooth way, I should not change or try to please anyone and making my art like some commercial piece…or just for a event props. I should do something I really want to or expressing idea without any limitation. (time, target, function, etc.). However, the thing I created also giving me inspiration on the next move, which is good.

For teaching life in Hong Kong, at the moment I am teaching visual merchandising. The reason why I chose to teach in tertiary education is the standard higher which I feel improving myself as well. To keep improving myself, getting design project, doing art project, sharing to the students, all are parallel developing.

here’s some watercolor paintings I did in Paris,

more on instagram:

I still exploring a style which using one color for bright reflection while another for the shadow. Drawing everywhere giving me challenge and motivation no matter for animal art or self thought.


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Collaboration with Greenpeace HK

Recently I got a collaboration with Greenpeace, they are having a campaign against micro-beads product and overuse of plastic bag. The micro-beads product and plastic bag collected will be transformed into artpiece shown on the date of the event.

最近與綠色和平合作, 他們在籌辦有關反對微塑膠產品及濫用膠袋的活動。  收集微塑膠產品及膠袋, 並轉化為藝術品, 在活動當日給大眾宜揚訊息。

The main problem of the micro-beads is that they are actually plastic, and too small to be filtered so that will be directly flushed into the ocean. Animals like fish and turtle could not define them and easily intake into the body. When the micro-beads enter their digestive system, they will block the system or, it will be digested into toxic substance. The effect is not only about animals but also the food chain and a becoming global issue.

微塑膠的主要問題,是它們細小得不能過濾, 直接排出大海後, 海洋生物如魚類海龜不能分辯而錯誤進食,微塑膠會阻塞牠們的消化系統, 或被消化後是有毒物質 。影響的不單是動物的生命, 而是整個食物鏈, 也成為了全球要面對的問題。

So what products contain the micro-beads? They usually written in the ingredients part, you might find it in toothpaste or facial scrub products. They are:Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polymethyl Methacrylate and Nylon- “with numbers”. Either one of them inside the product, is containing micro-beads.

有什麼產品含有微塑膠呢?通常是牙膏或磨砂潔面產品,可在成份一欄查到, 分別為:Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polymethyl Methacrylate and Nylon- “後加數字“; 產品有任何一種,已是含有微塑膠。

we would like people to stop using the micro-beads item immediately, if you like to help saving the ocean and animal, please stop purchasing and pass the rest of them to me, to contribute the campaign 🙂

我們希望大家立即停用微塑膠產品, 若大家立即停用,歡迎將產品交給我以示支持活動。:)

More about micro-beads pollution 更多微塑膠污染資訊:

  1. article and video clip by WPTV November 2015
  2. video clip by DNEWS September 2015
  3. video clip by Social Connected April 2015
  4. video clip by Samuel Boyce January 2016

photo showing the ingredients of micro-beads 這些便是微塑膠:


email contact:

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Reflective from Final show (continue)

The show is finally ended and my studying of MA in UAL ended as well~ but still, I wanna continue to work on endangered animals art in the future, so I drop some point to remind myself here~ (yea just continue from my last post)

5) as Omar with a good response, not only adults but also the kids…..this reminding me….educational project should also target to new generations. Since they are young and will be contributing the world one day in the future, if we change their living habit in the early stage…..or letting them start a good behavior, that’s definitely helps.

6) as suggested by Oscar, the project itself have so many information to deliver….I’d better develop a series of visual communication so that not only talking with them, even I am not in the show, the message is also delivered successfully.

final show leaflet p2 final show leaflet P1140467 P1140597 P1140599 P1140603 P1140606 P1140621 P1140623 P1140629 P1140630 P1140633 P1140651 P1140652 P1140670 P1140681 P1140734 P1140741 P1140744 P1140763 P1140765 P1140768 P1140786 P1140848 P1150027

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unwanted lipstick installation

For the campaign that during my unit 2 project, aim to spreading out the story of palm oil issue. I collected about 400 pieces of unwanted, expired lipstick, to think of an installation. learn from the animals casting problem, I try to use plastic sheet to make a mold for casting a rhino, finally the casting still leaks a lot, but there’s another advantage that when it become solid, is really easy to cut off the sheet and get the art work out.

first to cut out all of them

P1050874 P1050876 P1050898 P1050913

to melt them together

P1050938 P1050946  P1050979

making the mold by plastic sheet, next time could use a thinker one with laser cutting, this one is a bit thin and soft

P1060107 P1060109 P1060112 P1060120

casting begin… yea, have to mention that some beeswax was added since the mixture is a bit sticky…..(is palm oil problem? not sure)

P1060133 P1060136 P1060137 P1060140 P1060145 P1060160 P1060166

it keeps leaking, terrible, as the lipstick is limited, I need to wait it become solid and melt those leak outs, and cast again…..repeating the procedure……..

P1060169 P1060171

final one, I applied this for showing in Camberwell space but in vain……now I am applying for another exhibition, really want to show it and spread out the story, another reason is …..this work involves many people’s support and spirit….hope people like it. and yea, I will keep on endangered animals project!!!

escape_01 escape_02 escape_03 Escape_04

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Tiger Head after hyphen project

The work received many feed back from the passer-by, in exhbition road, I tend to cast the whole lip balm body and craft it to show in final show,

abbbbbc IMG_2022 IMG_2029 DSC06957 DSC06935 DSC06926

after the event, I think the best way to let audience know the story is to let them involves in something, I want to let people craft the body (tiger’s pattern) and take away some lip balm for their use. This is the original idea, however due to the health and safety issue, to show in college, this part have been taken away…..still I need to think of an idea~

here’s some photo of the head with body~

P1060079 P1060083 P1060159 P1060177 P1060176

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4 animals casting update

There are some problems for the casting of 4 animals, I tried twice for tiger, still not a very good result. And the mold was also wasted. The 3 main problem is…..

1) I wanna lower the separated pieces of mold…that makes the final work difficult to come out

2) the colour powder – mica powder, the more I added in, the weaker the bonding of lip stick.

3) as the model I made with smaller parts when compared with the tiger head, so that it is easier to be damaged.

things to improve from this experience

1) Make some model with similar size and volume as tiger head

2) may use some mold that could break from outside, so that when casting solidified, just cut or open the mold from outside.

Here’s some procedure reference from the casting:

P1060001 P1060003 P1060004 P1060011

prepared a lot of bucket that mixed the ingredients already

P1060019 P1060021

mica powder added, the mixture and movement are amazing,

P1060033 P1060035 P1060037 P1060048

cocoa powder added for brown color

P1060049 P1060053

casted and wait for solidified

P1060058 P1060059

second cast for the tiger,

P1060060 P1060065 P1060066 P1060069 P1060073 P1060076 P1060098 P1060100

yea, all of them are not suitable for the final show, still need some improvement. Thus I am just showing the tiger head in final show.

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Extinction Prediction/ Uni work update

Just read an article in HK yahoo, saying that the Earth is having the 6th extinction period very soon. The main reason included deforestation, pollution and global warming. Species extinct in a rapid rate, which is 100 times than the average speed recorded before. Chain reaction starting from environment damaged, food chain, climate change….all growing like a snow ball.


whenever see the report or news about this, I feel what I am doing is right, I prefer working and creating art in this direction…rather than topics about politics problem.


This week keep concentrating on making the sculpture mold, and finally all done. Will cast them the coming days, and at the same time I have collected the unwanted lipstick, preparing for the other sculpture too.

Tiger Mold:

P1050742 P1050745 P1050816 P1050817 P1050814 P1050815

Elephant mould:

P1050748 P1050747 P1050750 P1050752 P1050756 P1050757 P1050761 P1050765 P1050781 P1050786 P1050791 P1050792 P1050795 P1050807 P1050811 P1050821 P1050822 P1050823 P1050826 P1050827 P1050833 P1050835

this is the largest one among 4 mould and quite difficult to make, hope the casting will be alright

and I got some rough planning for my final show,

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 19.30.50

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