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Unpack show 2016 by Hyphen

After the “thank you london” by the Hyphen Project 2016, I am exhibiting another work in Hong Kong. This is the 4th unpack show by The Hyphen, it’s my pleasure to join and getting know to the fresh graduate from London as well.

This year the unpack show exhibiting ten designers and artists, with various professionals like interior design, architecture, fashion, set design…etc…and including my work, which is an installation. I am showing the work “Melt Away” which was came from my lipstick collecting campaign; I collecting wasted lipsticks and spreading the message of palm oil over used, causing the deforestation problem. This is a side project from my graduation project. I am happy to display and showing  my friends, donors the work, at the same time, keep delivering the message in Hong Kong.

As I also wanna see the response from Hong Kong, where the culture and mindset is totally different from Europe. It seems the result is positive and audiences like my concept as well. And I am sure I will continue the similar topic.

video of private view:


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impact from Hyphen moving gallery

Yesterday 11am-3:30pm I am showing the tiger lipbalm in the Exhibition Road, is collaboration with Hyphen Project, bring out the message of “thank you London” at the same time. As a art student, I thank London for the Museum and Gallery all around, the respectful to artist so that I could got impact and inspiration to my works.

So, after the day, keep talking to the passerby, answering the questions about my works. I gained a lot, here I am dropping some notes about what is good for the on going project.

1) there should be a name for the tiger, a gender as well? so…yea the coming 4 sculpture….I’d better give them names.

2) I met someone worked in the Synchronicity Earth, which also for environmental protection, will invite them for the final show.

3) a student also working on similar project, about palm oil issue, I share my blog to her and feel that the UK education is good to let student know such topic.

4) met some people like my concept and the topic I am working on, that’s encouraging me much.

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 03.19.45 Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 03.17.42 Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 03.17.30


for my own ref, the sounvenir process

P1050458 P1050459 P1050461 P1050464 P1050466

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Hyphen Project London

Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 17.26.42

My work was selected by Hyphen Project to show through “Moving Gallery”. We will show my recent sculpture and talk to all passerby, to share my work, my concept, and most important, the message of endangered animals’ problem. There will be souvenirs for audiences.

and if you got any expired lipstick, feel free to bring them to me, I am getting ready for the next casting!!!

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Sculpture process : Essential oil choice/ Hyphen project

As the tiger mold is in the process, I am ordering the materials for the sculpture. Main issue is what essential oil to use?of course no palm oil; and as the recipe of many different bloggers suggested shea butter or cocoa oil, I tried to find the differences, advantages and most important, the harmful to nature between them. Seems shea butter gives better performance for skin care, “unfortunately it can take up to thirty years for a crop to yield the right quality of this fatty acid”. For this reason I am choosing cocoa oil.



Hyphen Project

An Art community from, supporting all Hong Kong artist that studying UAL, I am joining their moving gallery project this year. their aim is to bring art piece to public, not only place them in a gallery and wait for audience. I think it’s a right time for my survivors project, letting audience know it, comment on it, criticize it.

I am now thinking if I should some lip stick or lip balm for the random audiences as souvenirs. Or, just order some containers to perform the interactive idea?!?!??

one more issue is to provide some postcard? or leaflet? aim is to introduce my work in a easy and friendly way.


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