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Sculptor short interview

Today met an sculptor, will visit his studio soon. Just drop down some notes about what he said, will prepare some question for visiting his studio.

sculptors path issue:

– every year so many sculpture student graduate but only a few keep on working as sculptor –

– a sculptor need space to make, for storage –

– renting a studio is important but not easy –

– uni may only teach the concept part –

– dentist or doctor graduate with skills, could find job; sculptors graduate and need to walk on their own –

sculpture issue:

– making abstract art is difficult to judge –

– anything could be good or bad in the world of abstract –

– where he born without any sculpture history; for Asia, there are many like religion, soldiers, etc –

To be continue~


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Continue searching for Studio visiting

And I keep searching for artist I could visit,

Arran Gregory, graduated from Chelsea, I found his work in Facebook before, is a bit similar to mine but yea of course, he got his own style and material already; and I still finding~ hope I could have a chance to visit his working place~

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.01.14 PM

for my reference, this page keep showing interesting animals arts, photos, facts…..etc

ref again,

japanese sculptor with special materials for animal sculpture:

egwegew fejbe

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Affordable Art Fair – continue with sculptures or installation

installation or wall decoration, let me think of Usua’s work:

P1110542 P1110543 P1110544

very thin ceramics to form waves, collage or movements:

P1110557 P1110558 P1110559 P1110560 P1110561 P1110563

realistic animals sculptures:

P1110564 P1110565 P1110566

P1110567 P1110568

animal sculpture with refuse, collected item or upcycling:

P1110572 P1110573 P1110574 P1110575 P1110576

P1110577 P1110578

P1110579 P1110580 P1110581 P1110582 P1110583 P1110587 P1110588

P1110584 P1110585 P1110586

P1110592 P1110593 P1110594

P1110600 P1110601 P1110602

funny sculpture maybe representing war or fighting:

P1110623 P1110624 P1110625 P1110626 P1110627 P1110628 P1110629

seeing James driftwood sculpture in person….he is one of my research paper content too:

P1110589 P1110590 P1110591

the whole exhibition is by different gallery, some gallery even run by the artist him/herself, making me think of……could I do it myself?! promoting myself, selling my art, promoting others making profit….staying alive…….in artist path.

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Affordable Art Fair – Painting or Illustration or 2D

Went to affordable Air Fair in Battersea Park on Sunday, those art works showing are under £5,000. I am going to see since…..I would like to be an artist, I want to find out what’s the minimum standard, quality, concept or any requirement else as an affordable art piece. the pictures I took are mainly sculptures, animals sculptures. however the painting and illustration are also amazing.

P1110541 P1110551

There are painter painting on steel or metal board, the scratch and shinny texture enhancing the beauty and attractive audience:

P1110552 P1110553 P1110554

P1110606 P1110607 P1110608 P1110609 P1110610

Using Smoke to draw, with random and specified shaped…..quite similar to my animals forming concept:

P1110603 P1110604 P1110605

using wood or saw as the main materials, cutting shadows:

P1110569 P1110570 P1110571

P1110595 P1110596 P1110597 P1110598 P1110599

something like illusion collage:

P1110630 P1110631 P1110632 P1110633 P1110634

P1110611 P1110612 P1110613

P1110614 P1110615 P1110616 P1110617 P1110618 P1110619 P1110620

a MA fine art fresh graduated student with BA in textile…..woo amazing work with her own style own materials…….jealous…..when could I find mine?!?!?!?

P1110545 P1110546 P1110547 P1110548 P1110549 P1110550

Nice art piece showing animals with movement:

P1110635 P1110636 P1110637

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Studio Visiting Project

Oscar asked us to find a studio, visit it and present on 6 Nov, as there is limitation in time, I am finding artist or studio base in London

Screen Shot 20

here I emailed to Kendra but response disappointed me.

Screen Shot 201


going to find another one….Ben Long, he is also one of my research paper’s content.


at the same time when I was searching on google, found another interesting animal sculptor, he collecting and using scrap metal to make sculptures. and some products as well~Robert Jefferson Travis Pond, Portland base artist.

ebgwebnewwebb egewrbre

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Unit 1 Assessment

Today setting up the assessment, to show the whole process that we did from Sep2013 until now. Space are limited, hopefully the showing are clear and easy to understand~

P1050042 P1050040 P1050038 P1050036

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Assessment timeline of Unit1

Preparing the assessment, here’s a simple timeline that illustrate what I did in Unit 1 project.

unit1 timeline visualize

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