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Impressive exhibition in Centre Pompidou

I am lucky to be in Paris as Pompidou is show the artist – David Hockney. The exhibition clearly shown the various works of him, while his works are easily to be defined the time line.

Starting from the printing when he arrive New York, the works show how an artist facing problems like pricing of works, money for life, etc. those context reflecting the life of beginning art/ design life.

as no photo is allowed in the show, here are some I searched in google.

the painting of men’s body & all painting about swimming pool, showing his ability of painting and precise color use for reflection/ transparent texture. Those are impressive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.17.44 PM.png

some paintings also show how he make use of new medium, like adding acrylic board on painting, (this one I need to search or photos from souvenir book)


The section of two portraits, those paintings are very good examples for composition balancing, I am sure will share them to students:


yea the timeline with different style shows Hockney willing to change or using new medium for creating. here’s the serious “joiners” which is collage of photos. in 1980s, impressive and breath taking when i saw it.


the scrabble game that one seems not filling whole canvas but the duplicate faces are showing people with quick changing face expression. and the 1-person view inviting us to join the game.

later on the section of collage of landscape paintings, which Hockney drawing huge paintings with limited space….that inspiring me, for making my installation or painting or …sculpture anyway. the biggest one seems like 5m x 10m (will photo from book)


with final section of Hockney’s video taking , still like his collage landscape drawing, with 4 seasons. shocked me as the artist really keep changing medium but still keeping some of his style.



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PechaKucha Night in Rotterdam 8 Oct

After the Scotland trip, I arrived Netherlands for another journey. I love Amsterdam so much, there are canals all around city, clean and healthy is the feeling once I arrived. Of course visiting Van Gogh Museum is a must~ here I got another blog that is about window display, yea, one of the article was inspired by the van gogh museum gift shops.

Then I went to another city called Rotterdam…..I really really like this city since not only how clean it is, healthy feeling but also the iconic building everywhere. I asked local people and they said since this area was destroyed in the 2nd world war, buildings are nearly all new. I stayed in the Cube House Hostel  a few days. Library is besides that and here is where I met Makystudio, It is run by 2 HongKongese that living in Rotterdam. They were “building” a giant robot for something like children reading week. and I found their other works are so energetic, colourful and fun. here’s their link:


is good to meet them and share the art culture. they also invited me to the 34th Pechakucha night. Pechakucha is a presentation that limited in 20 slides with 20 sec each. presenter have to well control the time and context in each slide. P1180474 P1180477

Kwannie and Man-Yee are presenting their Makystudio’s works.

On the other hand, I got much input from the presentation night. some are artist. some are disigners and some are photographer. here the list for my ref.


and the most impressive one for me is a man who quit a job….and start to do something benefit the society. He turns coffee trash into an industry. Since there are so many coffee trash everyday….and his concept is to find out what can be done by them……he collect the trash and do experiment….or testing or ….I dont know his real process since the pechakucha limitation….haha…..anyway….the finding thing is he found out the trash can grow some mushroom so that human can eat…saving environment….saving money…..upcycling….here’s a link for his work:

his name is Mark Slegers, Rotterzwam is the company name.

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 20.54.43

after I saw his presentation….already a business now….I feel my endangered animals project could have inspired by him…although not yet have any idea….but at least I could see how people upcycling …..that benefit society, other people and himself.

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Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

just found one artist combining taxidermy with objects like guns and company logo, to raise the awareness of endangered animals (or animals killing). By hunting, or by company like McDonald and handbag company…etc. as I stil reading his works, I cannot give any judgement at the moment…but they are impressive for sure.

obviously…hunt for horns~

blessbuckar15_op_800x1066 thequickandthedead_op_544x600 067

hunt for food, for fashion?!

080 wildebeastfinal1_op_800x1199

pictures all from the artist’s website:


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Today met a fashion student in library, she applying animal/ wildlife structure into fashion design. The term for those structure called Biomimicry. Not only learnt a new term but also inspiring to my sculpture development. As biomimicry applied on many products, design, etc. like….during my sculpture development and tutorial, sometimes I was being asked “why making animals form….shapes….why not other….” Well, for me I just felt very directly, using the iconic animals’ form to represent the wildlife, or deliver such message. but yea…after I search a bit for the biomimicry images, found that actually the scientific or random shape from wildlife could also be part of my sculpture, neither the animals form nor abstract development. The biomimicry itself attracting eye balls in another way…with specific order, specific function and specific shape.

egrg biii ooo

and again….happy to meet artist working on project related to animals/ wildlife.

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Gallery Assistant experience in Christie’s

Just a few days in Christie’s Asia Week as a gallery assistant. Feeling lucky to wider my sight. The job is mainly bring the art piece to the visitors, who are interested in bidding them. The visitors bring with torch and magnifying lens to see any damage on the items. The items ( I feel confused if that is art or historic item or product?) are all Chinese made of jade, ceramics, metals,  as dining wares, daily products and accessories.

I feel a bit confused since…..ages ago (the time that item appears) the items maybe just a simple product, no body will buy them with a high price. Is that art really?! I keep think of that during my shift…..(when there is no visitors of course) well….I got some clue….I mean I try to answer myself with my observations.

First of all, the visitors are concerning damage or not, they use torch to look at them carefully. That means, items from ages ago, if there are any perfect items survived after so many years or so many owners, that will be a good one.

and, some visitors like to look at a set of items, I think keeping as a set also very important and dealing a high price, even the shape and form are not very special.

next, the special shape or item that need a good skill are also attractive to them, for example the thinness of ceramics, special shape of a plate, balance design of a bowl. Those may need a strong artist spirit to make.

anything else…?! er….

Actually I also collect toys and sell some of them when there is no more space…..some of the above point are similar~ but still, worth to see other side of a world! and, I am making sculpture too! that’s not another side….is part of the industry!

and just wanna say~ what is the strong artist spirit I saying above, is….the more effort you spend, the more details you concerned, the more time you spend, the more testing you did, the more stress in the process……The more you would like your final piece…and so the visitors and audiences, cheer up!!!


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Royal Academy of Arts Interim show

Today went to the interim show in RA, there are 17 students showing their works. The most impressive one is by Jack Killick, his works are full of curves….drawing, paintings…and a large sculpture. Why so impressive? Is his different medium and presenting method…..somehow is many media presenting one issue (curves)…..or one style(curves) presenting many objects. That inspires me a lot….what if my visualization skill apply into it?what if I present the animals with different media? I mean just for brainstorming, is worth to try.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.32.33 PM P1130265 P1130269P1130274

also found his site, his other works are interesting too,

I try immdeiately in a cafe…..drawing a tiger ( ha, full of tigers in my mind recently….I watched the BBC Nature channel last night….)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.45.03 PM

found that it is funny and got potential to paintings or any other art works!!! 🙂

other interesting works:

P1130258 P1130259 P1130260 P1130263

and a very nice sculpture outside the academy

P1130249 P1130251

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Illustration against poaching

an illustrator Robert Chew got a series of works against poaching, which showing some funny concepts…illustrate that these robotic animals can defend themselves against poachers, unlike today where they cannot defend themselves against illegal hunting.

The works are intresting, more on conceptual…..that’s a great work for illustration….I still finding my way for installation or sculpture.

details illu

Robotic-Animals-Armed-To-Fight-Against-Poachers-111 Robotic-Animals-Armed-To-Fight-Against-Poachers-112 Robotic-Animals-Armed-To-Fight-Against-Poachers-113 Robotic-Animals-Armed-To-Fight-Against-Poachers-114 Robotic-Animals-Armed-To-Fight-Against-Poachers-115

where I found:

artist site:

I also fiound out the works are produced during the campaign by the International Anti Poaching Foundation against the illegal hunting of protected animals such as the African elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion or leopard. I will keep an eye for the organization:

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