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Unplug 1st idea

for the 1st idea, I need to step back and think

1) first aid not really related to cancer treatment
2) could the outcome be more abstract?
3) new research info comes…preventing people hunt for rhino~


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1st idea

As I saw those rhino photo and feeling sad for that. People hunt them for medicine for cancer. However, it is found that the elements is just same as those in human’s fingernails. That’s needless killing!!! My idea come with some wordings Human/ Hurt/ Rhino/ Horn.

what if we actually look for when getting hurt? is a first aid box. And what if every time we get hurt and feel painful, we see the picture of hurting rhino…..will that give an impact to our brain? or making our  subconscious to aware of the endangered animals?!Image


1. First Aid Box

2. Rhino without horn as tool box, red cross as the losing horn

3. & 5. Rhino laying down, like a dying post.

4. other idea, as horn and corner is same written format in Chinese.

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Tonight I keep thinking what the project outcome should be, and found some pictures in Pinterest, the pictures are those bloody scene that Rhino Horn being wiped out~ suddenly I know this is not only a college project but also a social responsibility. I am unswerving to continue develop the project.


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Reason of animals extinct in general

There are some general reason for animal becoming extinct,
as this is my experimental stage, I try to sum up with the 5 vertebrates in general. The followings are not all sticking to one kind of vertebrates, but I try to use one to one representing in general, so that I can develop in this stage.

1) Trading or animal parts – Mammals
elephants ivory tusks/ rhino horns/ seals, lions, tigers furs for fashionable coat/ Other animals heads hanging on wall for glory

2) Chemical Pollution – Birds
American Bald Eagle and some birds species poisoned by DDT and pesticide

3) Climate change and Global warming – Amphibians
Frogs/ Golden Toad in Costa Rica

4) Reptiles TBC

5) Eating and Herbal concoctions – Fish
Sharks Jaws, Bones, Fins.

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Beginning to do something!?!

we have to keep researching,

and keep doing sth….to try all materials…..

for the five different kind of vertebrates….is that possible to present the outcomes by different materials? clay-metal-wood-plaster-acrylic——etc? to fullfill the experimental aim on unit 1?

anyway need to pick the animals first!

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Andy Warhol’s work research

some point I sum up for A.W. creating “Endangered Species”,

– Warhol was very interested in environmental issues

– published in a 1983

– artworks becoming heroic, noble and untinged by his usual ironic filtration

– also have a political nature

– to help conserve endangered animals, and to get attention to the fact that they are scarce in the wild and that we are the only ones that can do anything.

– New York art dealer Ronald Feldman suggested the subject of the series to Warhol

– one of the complete set prints was auctioned in London, March,2013.


some of the articles about the works:

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