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Impressive exhibition in Centre Pompidou

I am lucky to be in Paris as Pompidou is show the artist – David Hockney. The exhibition clearly shown the various works of him, while his works are easily to be defined the time line.

Starting from the printing when he arrive New York, the works show how an artist facing problems like pricing of works, money for life, etc. those context reflecting the life of beginning art/ design life.

as no photo is allowed in the show, here are some I searched in google.

the painting of men’s body & all painting about swimming pool, showing his ability of painting and precise color use for reflection/ transparent texture. Those are impressive.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.17.44 PM.png

some paintings also show how he make use of new medium, like adding acrylic board on painting, (this one I need to search or photos from souvenir book)


The section of two portraits, those paintings are very good examples for composition balancing, I am sure will share them to students:


yea the timeline with different style shows Hockney willing to change or using new medium for creating. here’s the serious “joiners” which is collage of photos. in 1980s, impressive and breath taking when i saw it.


the scrabble game that one seems not filling whole canvas but the duplicate faces are showing people with quick changing face expression. and the 1-person view inviting us to join the game.

later on the section of collage of landscape paintings, which Hockney drawing huge paintings with limited space….that inspiring me, for making my installation or painting or …sculpture anyway. the biggest one seems like 5m x 10m (will photo from book)


with final section of Hockney’s video taking , still like his collage landscape drawing, with 4 seasons. shocked me as the artist really keep changing medium but still keeping some of his style.



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Inspiration from Paris trip and Centre Pompidou

Was spending a week in Paris during end of December. There are several stuffs inspiring me.

1) “we are going to create something but not executing something” said by a friend studying performing art there. Yea, we should create something out (event, campaign….whatever) instead of following something procedure or routine to execute something.

2) After visiting Italy in April and France in Dec, I think it is necessary to keep exploring Europe for more fine art knowledge or at least go to visit fine artists’ work in person…..Italy and France are full of art works from the Renaissance, which remind me how hard an artist should work out. More to explore in the future……especially my favourite artist….Dali in Spain and Van Gogh in Netherlands.

3) some exhibition and show, for my ref,

Centre Pompidou – Jeff Koons Exhibition

P1110880P1110891 P1110887 P1110879


Centre Pompidou РLighting installation

P1110918 P1110919 P1110920 P1110921

P1110922 P1110924

Centre Pompidou – installation about terrify attack all over the world

P1110949 P1110950 P1110951 P1110952

product that similar to my works’ structure…again -_-…well I really need to work out a way to out stand my idea and method, too many artist or designer using geometry to present animals…

P1110990 P1110991 P1110992 P1110993

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