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Unpack show 2016 by Hyphen

After the “thank you london” by the Hyphen Project 2016, I am exhibiting another work in Hong Kong. This is the 4th unpack show by The Hyphen, it’s my pleasure to join and getting know to the fresh graduate from London as well.

This year the unpack show exhibiting ten designers and artists, with various professionals like interior design, architecture, fashion, set design…etc…and including my work, which is an installation. I am showing the work “Melt Away” which was came from my lipstick collecting campaign; I collecting wasted lipsticks and spreading the message of palm oil over used, causing the deforestation problem. This is a side project from my graduation project. I am happy to display and showing  my friends, donors the work, at the same time, keep delivering the message in Hong Kong.

As I also wanna see the response from Hong Kong, where the culture and mindset is totally different from Europe. It seems the result is positive and audiences like my concept as well. And I am sure I will continue the similar topic.

video of private view:


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unwanted lipstick installation

For the campaign that during my unit 2 project, aim to spreading out the story of palm oil issue. I collected about 400 pieces of unwanted, expired lipstick, to think of an installation. learn from the animals casting problem, I try to use plastic sheet to make a mold for casting a rhino, finally the casting still leaks a lot, but there’s another advantage that when it become solid, is really easy to cut off the sheet and get the art work out.

first to cut out all of them

P1050874 P1050876 P1050898 P1050913

to melt them together

P1050938 P1050946  P1050979

making the mold by plastic sheet, next time could use a thinker one with laser cutting, this one is a bit thin and soft

P1060107 P1060109 P1060112 P1060120

casting begin…..ar yea, have to mention that some beeswax was added since the mixture is a bit sticky…..(is palm oil problem? not sure)

P1060133 P1060136 P1060137 P1060140 P1060145 P1060160 P1060166

it keeps leaking, terrible, as the lipstick is limited, I need to wait it become solid and melt those leak outs, and cast again…..repeating the procedure……..

P1060169 P1060171

final one, I applied this for showing in Camberwell space but in vain……now I am applying for another exhibition, really want to show it and spread out the story, another reason is …..this work involves many people’s support and spirit….hope people like it. and yea, I will keep on endangered animals project!!!

escape_01 escape_02 escape_03 Escape_04

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RA graduation show

Today went to the Royal Academy of Art, graduation show, with some interesting materials art. giving me impact.


This artist got several pieces using different materials, mixing them…this one by wax, I think is mainly candles, to create the lighting effect….well I think the yellow ribbon or paper strip not necessary and disturbing the composition…but the candle he/she using is creative and looks great…texture, time, gravity….many things let audiences to feelP1140329 P1140330

the other artist using various materials, PVC, ketchup, sugar, plaster….etc…to create sculpture…more like experimental project…and the show do not have all artists’ concepts and personal statement….which making me confusing.P1140337

showing works just on the floor….is good or bad? I think easy to be broke and yea….better have a plinth for eye level….maybe is his/her idea.


This one artist use photo paper exposure under moon light….to see the amount of algae and the colour relationship. there is a water current and algae setup, useful?helpful? hmmmmm…..not really….could improve by demonstrating  a real exposure or tube management


yea…here’s the description


I like the following the most….artist using glass fabric…acrylic (I think) to cast the metallic tube on ceiling…something really dull and dirty…..after casting by her, Rebecca Ackroyd….it become colourful and attractive

P1140356 P1140358

public art/ installation when you arrive RA…o, I need to plan the application for picton prize~!!!P1140365

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Paris Picasso Museum and Inside expo

Picasso’s picture are iconic…check out what I saw in the museum…his sculpture..somehow is something like Adhocism!!! He was using tools from farm, picked up stuffs to assemble the animals! amazing form isn’t it?P1120014 P1120015 P1120016 P1120017 P1120018 P1120019 P1120020 P1120021 P1120022 P1120023 P1120024 P1120025

and drawing the same woman after a year with different style:

P1120093 P1120100

The “Inside” exhibition:

P1120304 P1120288 P1120360 P1120365 P1120379 P1120396 P1120422

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Inspiration from Paris trip and Centre Pompidou

Was spending a week in Paris during end of December. There are several stuffs inspiring me.

1) “we are going to create something but not executing something” said by a friend studying performing art there. Yea, we should create something out (event, campaign….whatever) instead of following something procedure or routine to execute something.

2) After visiting Italy in April and France in Dec, I think it is necessary to keep exploring Europe for more fine art knowledge or at least go to visit fine artists’ work in person…..Italy and France are full of art works from the Renaissance, which remind me how hard an artist should work out. More to explore in the future……especially my favourite artist….Dali in Spain and Van Gogh in Netherlands.

3) some exhibition and show, for my ref,

Centre Pompidou – Jeff Koons Exhibition

P1110880P1110891 P1110887 P1110879


Centre Pompidou – Lighting installation

P1110918 P1110919 P1110920 P1110921

P1110922 P1110924

Centre Pompidou – installation about terrify attack all over the world

P1110949 P1110950 P1110951 P1110952

product that similar to my works’ structure…again -_-…well I really need to work out a way to out stand my idea and method, too many artist or designer using geometry to present animals…

P1110990 P1110991 P1110992 P1110993

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Ai Weiwei Exhibition

Visited the Ai Weiwei exhibition yesterday. The sculpture “Forever”, connecting many bicycles…letting me connect the infinity concept by MC Escher. I love the pure silver color tone. Counted the numbers of wheels….could be divided by 3….wondering if that concepts is linked with Chinese “3..3…unlimited, 6…6….infinity….”ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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CSM Fine Art Grad show

Monday 26May2014 I attended the graduation show of Central Saint Martin’s BA in Fine Art. The following are those interesting art projects.

1) Wire Horses that hanging on the ceiling:

The 1:1 scale/ motion captured/ materials used/ displaying method/ location are all impressive to audience. That’s also similar to what I did for rhino before, but much larger scale here. At this moment I am asking my flatmate for the artist’s contact….would like to further share ideas with her, about this art piece and also my animal extinction project.



2) The installation with red fabric

The experience walking in and out is amazing, is something like a maze/ extended path/ infinity?/endless path?…..etc


Other interesting work: there are many art work inspire me, by their size, technique, finishing, media, concepts, use of space…..making me….breath taking. I need to jump out of the box, especially the limited space in Camberwell, like what Shane said….think of my art piece location….giving audience a shock!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage

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