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Extinction Prediction/ Uni work update

Just read an article in HK yahoo, saying that the Earth is having the 6th extinction period very soon. The main reason included deforestation, pollution and global warming. Species extinct in a rapid rate, which is 100 times than the average speed recorded before. Chain reaction starting from environment damaged, food chain, climate change….all growing like a snow ball.

ref: https://hk.news.yahoo.com/%E5%9C%B0%E7%90%83%E6%AD%A5%E5%85%A5%E7%AC%AC6%E6%AC%A1%E7%89%A9%E7%A8%AE%E5%A4%A7%E6%BB%85%E7%B5%95-091400149.html

whenever see the report or news about this, I feel what I am doing is right, I prefer working and creating art in this direction…rather than topics about politics problem.


This week keep concentrating on making the sculpture mold, and finally all done. Will cast them the coming days, and at the same time I have collected the unwanted lipstick, preparing for the other sculpture too.

Tiger Mold:

P1050742 P1050745 P1050816 P1050817 P1050814 P1050815

Elephant mould:

P1050748 P1050747 P1050750 P1050752 P1050756 P1050757 P1050761 P1050765 P1050781 P1050786 P1050791 P1050792 P1050795 P1050807 P1050811 P1050821 P1050822 P1050823 P1050826 P1050827 P1050833 P1050835

this is the largest one among 4 mould and quite difficult to make, hope the casting will be alright

and I got some rough planning for my final show,

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 19.30.50


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Sculpture update (Rhino/Orangutan/Tiger)

RHINO update

last layer for the rhino moulding


finished, remind myself the screw could not be inside, now the wood board could not separate…is not good for next step…e.g. drying and opening of mould.


open it!

P1050581 P1050583 P1050584 P1050585

P1050586 P1050591

the dividing not very successful, hope it do not affect the casting so much


the lower piece, bottom left corner not firm and hard enough due to not mixing well of plaster….to be careful of washing



starting from wooden frame and wire to form the basic structure.

P1050501 P1050502 P1050503 P1050504

putting the clay on

P1050509 P1050512

after 2-3 nights…keep editing the….this model is difficult in balancing, and I want to make a good form with my style as well….so finally finished

P1050522      P1050539 P1050540 P1050541 P1050542 P1050544

now go for moulding, something to hold his back so that it maintain “floating” on the plaster


as the form is complicated…leaking always happen

P1050566 P1050568

this is what I said “floating”

P1050570 P1050572 P1050579

the mixing of plaster should be in quick and accurate amount…CONCENTRATE P1050593

finally I divided the mould into 7 pieces, and the rhino one just 3

P1050595 P1050597

all wooden board removed for opening

11281789_10156320106890377_1017919802_n 11123959_10156320106670377_54849505_n 11311711_10156320106545377_318997316_n 11334316_10156320106495377_214227577_n


TIGER update

same…begin with wood and wire

P1050547 P1050549

clay on…this one ….difficult on standingP1050551 P1050553 P1050554

rough shape


the back…top view…I love the shape very much….a bit similar to my toy (battlecat from he-man)

P1050560 P1050562

almost finish, the gain or pattern will be sculpt after casting…..since those pattern will further make the sculpture weak…crack….and adding difficulty to the moulding …….and….one of the reason is every tiger’s pattern are individual….like fingerprints of human…so sculpt it out would be fun!

P1050603 P1050604 P1050608

keeping it wet by plastic and wet towel


bring to uni and start moulding


the eyes take me so long for crafting, editting and crafting back and for….

11354941_10156320106385377_299139522_n 11418298_10156320106020377_1237674330_n 11419727_10156320105955377_1238849117_n

the hand’s are cracked and brokennnnnnn! this one is too challenging, coz I do not have a stand for it….how to make it floats on plaster?!


finally start….remember to spray oil, on both the clay surface and plaster dividing, is really useful!!!11124198_10156320105695377_1675461180_n 11273437_10156320105555377_247124178_n 11350150_10156320105605377_1791372618_n 11421419_10156320105755377_977041436_n

to be continued~


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Rhino moulding update

After the tiger mould (7-8 pieces) , this time with a simpler form, clearer outline rhino, still a challenging task but seems under my control…feeling happy to keep working on sculpture.

screw it on the board so that it could be in the middle of the mould.


still, the sculpture is heavy….at the moment I prepare plaster and clay blocking any edges, I need to add some support to that.


1st piece is half of the mould, it consumed me a lot plaster, the whole bucket (around 25cm diameter, 40cm height)P1050469 P1050470 P1050471

as the ears are one of the difficult separating part for the mould, I try to make it better…try, probably it need to craft after casting




clean and use soap the polish the surfaceP1050475

another pour for separating negative space between ears, and also that of belly and leg

P1050477 P1050482 P1050483 P1050484 P1050485 P1050486  P1050488 P1050489 P1050490

the forth part:

P1050491 P1050492 P1050493 P1050494 P1050495

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