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RA graduation show

Today went to the Royal Academy of Art, graduation show, with some interesting materials art. giving me impact.


This artist got several pieces using different materials, mixing them…this one by wax, I think is mainly candles, to create the lighting effect….well I think the yellow ribbon or paper strip not necessary and disturbing the composition…but the candle he/she using is creative and looks great…texture, time, gravity….many things let audiences to feelP1140329 P1140330

the other artist using various materials, PVC, ketchup, sugar, plaster….etc…to create sculpture…more like experimental project…and the show do not have all artists’ concepts and personal statement….which making me confusing.P1140337

showing works just on the floor….is good or bad? I think easy to be broke and yea….better have a plinth for eye level….maybe is his/her idea.


This one artist use photo paper exposure under moon light….to see the amount of algae and the colour relationship. there is a water current and algae setup, useful?helpful? hmmmmm…..not really….could improve by demonstrating¬† a real exposure or tube management


yea…here’s the description


I like the following the most….artist using glass fabric…acrylic (I think) to cast the metallic tube on ceiling…something really dull and dirty…..after casting by her, Rebecca Ackroyd….it become colourful and attractive

P1140356 P1140358

public art/ installation when you arrive RA…o, I need to plan the application for picton prize~!!!P1140365


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Inspiration after the competition

I’ve move the art piece back to my hall, luckily it is allowed to put in the garden of the hall.Image

after putting it here, I start imagining “what if it comes as a public art? children climbing, running around it?” and I would like to develop it with different endangered animals, with different materials. Metals or ceramics?! many flatmates think it is made by metals. I think metal will last longer too. Moreover, could it come with the whole animal body? instead of the head only (like a hunter trophy)?

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