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PechaKucha Night in Rotterdam 8 Oct

After the Scotland trip, I arrived Netherlands for another journey. I love Amsterdam so much, there are canals all around city, clean and healthy is the feeling once I arrived. Of course visiting Van Gogh Museum is a must~ here I got another blog that is about window display, https://vindowconcepts.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/grouping-skill-in-vm/ yea, one of the article was inspired by the van gogh museum gift shops.

Then I went to another city called Rotterdam…..I really really like this city since not only how clean it is, healthy feeling but also the iconic building everywhere. I asked local people and they said since this area was destroyed in the 2nd world war, buildings are nearly all new. I stayed in the Cube House Hostel  a few days. Library is besides that and here is where I met Makystudio, It is run by 2 HongKongese that living in Rotterdam. They were “building” a giant robot for something like children reading week. and I found their other works are so energetic, colourful and fun. here’s their link: http://studiomaky.com/


is good to meet them and share the art culture. they also invited me to the 34th Pechakucha night. Pechakucha is a presentation that limited in 20 slides with 20 sec each. presenter have to well control the time and context in each slide. P1180474 P1180477

Kwannie and Man-Yee are presenting their Makystudio’s works.

On the other hand, I got much input from the presentation night. some are artist. some are disigners and some are photographer. here the list for my ref.


and the most impressive one for me is a man who quit a job….and start to do something benefit the society. He turns coffee trash into an industry. Since there are so many coffee trash everyday….and his concept is to find out what can be done by them……he collect the trash and do experiment….or testing or ….I dont know his real process since the pechakucha limitation….haha…..anyway….the finding thing is he found out the trash can grow some mushroom so that human can eat…saving environment….saving money…..upcycling….here’s a link for his work: http://www.wdka.nl/2015/03/03/march-5-2015-lecture-mark-slegers-rotterzwam-the-circular-city/?lang=en

his name is Mark Slegers, Rotterzwam is the company name.

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 20.54.43

after I saw his presentation….already a business now….I feel my endangered animals project could have inspired by him…although not yet have any idea….but at least I could see how people upcycling …..that benefit society, other people and himself.


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