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Reflective from Final show (continue)

The show is finally ended and my studying of MA in UAL ended as well~ but still, I wanna continue to work on endangered animals art in the future, so I drop some point to remind myself here~ (yea just continue from my last post)

5) as Omar with a good response, not only adults but also the kids…..this reminding me….educational project should also target to new generations. Since they are young and will be contributing the world one day in the future, if we change their living habit in the early stage…..or letting them start a good behavior, that’s definitely helps.

6) as suggested by Oscar, the project itself have so many information to deliver….I’d better develop a series of visual communication so that not only talking with them, even I am not in the show, the message is also delivered successfully.

final show leaflet p2 final show leaflet P1140467 P1140597 P1140599 P1140603 P1140606 P1140621 P1140623 P1140629 P1140630 P1140633 P1140651 P1140652 P1140670 P1140681 P1140734 P1140741 P1140744 P1140763 P1140765 P1140768 P1140786 P1140848 P1150027


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