Painting Journey in Scotland

The painting trip was in September 2015, I did several paints with watercolour and ink pen. I am not familiar with this thin transparent medium and it is a good practice for me. I believe the landscape drawing is good training on my observation, illustration, as well as the color skill.

Arriving in Inverness bus station, walking around andthere are so many seagull, this pair attracted me that the darker one (I guess is female) is in a weird form.

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 16.42.28 P1160067 P1160066

This one is in Helmsdale, a river with graves, I mainly use the green and yellow for natural environment, while purple for old housing and also the river.

P1160119 P1160114 P1160117 P1160118 P1160120

The next day in a cafe inside the Timespan Museum and Arts Centre, Helmsdale.


P1160179 P1160181 P1160184 P1160098

The harbour in Helmsdale, I try not to use ink building the frame first. but found that still very difficult to shape the object. so…I still need to frame things by ink pen….XP

P1160309 P1160299 P1160303 P1160298

The coast in Brora, golf club, was impressed by the nice environment. I spend longer time on this painting due to the good climate, and wind is not as strong as the day before.


The other one drawing from the other side of the above painting, was attracted by the broken boat growing lots of flowers, I try not to use the ink pen this time. objects are fatter but still a good composition and colour arrangement.


Brora Train station, with less train and people, I just sat on the platform and drew.P1160638 P1160598 P1160605 P1160629 P1160630 P1160641

The sunset in Inverness, have to draw quickly due to the period is so short. The colour keep changing in every second.

P1160777 P1160775 P1160776 P1160774

P1160780 P1160781

the castle in between Inverness and Skye, Eilean Donan Castle; I like the method I used for the sky, same proportion of yellow and blue, and WHITE, “leaving blank” is a very important skill in watercolor, I keep trying.

P1160882 P1160840 P1160841

The Urquhart Castle with Lochness, spend about 2 hours for this painting…the outcome is not bad but I just don’t really feel happy about this picture…

P1170070 P1170072 P1170080 P1170069 P1170067

until the next day I sit in a cafe….I realize the painting is too much like something in textbook….without personal style, just keep drawing and looks alike……so I added some fantasy into it, the Nessie…so that the picture have some story in it. 🙂

P1170092 P1170093

Arrive Edinburgh, the Scott Monument was so beautiful and I know I need to draw it. Keep searching for a good spot which can see clearly and with good lighting….finally I sat under it and drew with a special perspective. That maybe an influence after I attended the MC Escher exhibition there.

P1170571 P1170572 P1170558 P1170559 P1170560 P1170563 P1170565

I like this practise and still keep thinking of the picture. Next day I drew the scene including me inside.

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 17.58.12

These are the painting that I did in Scotland, September2015, some of them posted to my family and friends, there are so many scenes and building good to draw. some of them I do not have time or I took photos, will continue the painting some time later. And is a good try even the watercolor is not my familiar medium….I do keep thinking of what if I got acrylic there…but carrying watercolor is definitely easier.

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