Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

just found one artist combining taxidermy with objects like guns and company logo, to raise the awareness of endangered animals (or animals killing). By hunting, or by company like McDonald and handbag company…etc. as I stil reading his works, I cannot give any judgement at the moment…but they are impressive for sure.

obviously…hunt for horns~

blessbuckar15_op_800x1066 thequickandthedead_op_544x600 067

hunt for food, for fashion?!

080 wildebeastfinal1_op_800x1199

pictures all from the artist’s website:



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2 responses to “Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

  1. It’s not necessary to read more all these companies and people who engage and spend money on such items have a mental disorder – they feel killing and buying make them BIG !!!!! In some way. Sad world even sadder people.

    Excellent art – Make the human race become for once again HUMAN .

    • Yea, great works. And what I read is the artist also pointing at Mcdonald and beef issue….I am not a vegetarian… I cannot say anything unless any facts found out the beef from MCD got any problem~haha. yea but the works are amazing and I will keep looking at this artist’s bio

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